Through Rise & Shine, we can help you to reflect on your experiences throughout the pandemic, most importantly the things you've learned that could give you stronger foundations for the future.


The pandemic has brought conversations around mental health, loneliness and social isolation to the fore. It’s important that we build on this to help us all feel ready to re-connect and equip us with the tools we need to move forward. We want everyone to re-discover hope, opportunity and control over their lives.

What is Rise & Shine?

Rise & Shine is a series of brief small group workshops, introducing a wellbeing toolkit which you can take away and personalise. In the future, you will be able to refer back to the toolkit to support you through challenging times, find inspiration for new things to try and update as your interests change.

How is it delivered?

The Wellbeing toolkit utilises some of the format of Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) – usually delivered in small support group settings to support people as they work thorough a similar form of workbook structure. Feedback from professionals with experience of keyworking is that individuals and certain groups may benefit from more support to help them work through some of the sections. If someone is simply handed a booklet, will they take the time to read it and fill it in? Ideally the sessions are delivered in person but Rise & Shine: Lite can be delivered virtually if needed.

Rise & Shine: Lite

A one hour presentation that introduces the wellbeing toolkit followed up by a second one hour session two weeks later providing feedback / support / signposting

Rise & Shine: Together

An initial one hour session that includes the introduction to the wellbeing toolkit. This is then followed up by five further one hour sessions including:

a) Goal setting, daring to dream
b) Self-Help / things to try / taster
c) Sharing – favourites
d) Barriers to re-connecting / Introduce 5 ways to wellbeing
e) Achievements & group activity

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about Rise & Shine our team would be more than happy to talk. Please e-mail Emma to start a conversation today.