Connecting People

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic most of us now know how loneliness and isolation can impact our general wellbeing and mood. What isn't so widely understood is just how much of an impact prolonged isolation can have on our physical and mental health. The Royal College of Nursing identify that long term suffering from loneliness can increase our risk of early death by 26%, comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and higher than the risks from obesity and lack of physical exercise.

At the RCC we recognise loneliness as one of the most significant issues now facing rural communities. Through our Rural Coffee Connect Barista Coffee Van and our InTouch Loneliness Awareness Training we are committed to working with communities across Leicestershire and Rutland to combat loneliness and isolation within our rural areas.

Raising Awareness

InTouch Training

Just as anyone can feel lonely, anyone can take steps in their everyday life to reach out and help others in their local community suffering from loneliness. Our FREE Zoom based training sessions are designed to help you take action by explaining the common causes and effects of loneliness, talking through ways to reach out, connect and help others that may be experiencing loneliness and sharing useful links, tools and resources to help tackle loneliness

Building Connections

Rural Coffee Connect

​Our Rural Coffee Connect barista coffee van travels across rural Leicestershire and Rutland popping up a safe, welcoming and informal café for people to enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea, chat and build connections in their community. The van also provides a focal point for delivering information, awareness training and other community activities to help combat loneliness and isolation within our rural areas.