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Our Work

By raising awareness and supporting communities to tackle rural disadvantage, the work of our charity is helping to make rural Leicestershire and Rutland happier, healthier, stronger and more accessible.


Our unique range of projects and services aim to benefit rural people, improve rural places, influence rural policy and raise the profile of rural issues and achievements across Leicestershire and Rutland.


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Rural People

We work to improve the lives of people disadvantaged by living in a rural area of Leicestershire or Rutland by connecting them with others, helping to enhance their wellbeing, increase their economic prosperity and supporting them to be more active in their local community.


Our current work in this area includes:

Reducing rural unemployment

Support for people living in rural Leicestershire to help them overcome barriers to accessing employment or training

Tackling loneliness

Tackling loneliness and isolation through a Barista Coffee Van and an awareness training programme

Suicide Awareness

Training, workshop sessions and talks to raise awareness of suicide and self harm

Rural Place

We make rural areas more diverse, accessible and vibrant places by supporting better community led planning and helping to improve spaces where people meet and access services such as village halls, community buildings and outdoor recreation space.

Community Planning

Advice and practical support to help with the initiation, development and delivery of Neighbourhood and Community Plans.

Playing Fields

Advice and support for people responsible for managing playing fields and other recreation facilities

Village and community halls

Advice, support and resources for people with the responsibility for running village halls and other community buildings

Rural Profile

We actively raise awareness of issues impacting rural areas and provide a platform to celebrate and promote the people, groups and businesses that positively impact rural communities across Leicestershire and Rutland. 

Impact Magazine

Quarterly e-magazine highlighting the impact of our work and showcasing community action across rural Leicestershire and Rutland

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