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A Neighbourhood Plan can help you and your community to manage the development of your area by setting local planning policies which hold legal weight within the planning system.

Our team of specialist Neighbourhood Planners can help you to make best use of the information and resources you have available to develop a robust and effective Neighbourhood Plan for your area.

Our Service

We believe that the best Neighbourhood Plans are led by people living or working within the community they cover. As your professional consultant we will work with you to agree a bespoke and affordable support package designed to help you to produce a robust Neighbourhood Plan which reflects the unique needs and priorities of your community.

Getting Started

Information and advice to help you decide if a Neighbourhood Plan is right for your community and to set up and plan your project

Funding & Resources

Help to identify and secure resources for your project including money to cover the costs of professional consultancy support

Project Management

Professional oversight of the planning and delivery of your project to ensure you meet statutory and best practice guidelines


Help to market your project and to engage individuals, households, organisations, businesses and statutory authorities

Evidence Gathering

Support with project research and gathering evidence to help shape and back up the policies and proposals within your plan

Community Consultation

Help to consult your community and statutory bodies via online surveys, questionnaires, events, workshops or focus groups

Drafting a Plan

Support to develop and refine your planning policies, make site allocations and to prepare your draft Neighbourhood Plan

Compliance Checks

Ensuring your draft plan is compliant including help to check general conformity and to undertake any necessary screening


Support to plan and facilitate a statutory pre-submission consultation on your draft plan including dealing with responses

Content and Design

Help to make final amendments and to finalise the content and design of your Neighbourhood Plan

Consultation Statement

Support to develop a Consultation and Basic Conditions Statement in support of your final plan


Advice and support with distributing your final plan and to inform people about your referendum