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Mental Wellbeing

The Centre for Mental Health estimated in October 2020 that as many as 20% of adults and 15% of children could need support for their mental health because of the coronavirus pandemic. There is however a polarity, COVID has highlighted resilience, innovation, and good neighbourliness in abundance, demonstrating the potential for local community action to ease pressure on NHS and other high level mental health services. To harness this, and with Shire Community Grant funding from Leicestershire County Council, we are pleased to be working proactively with communities across Leicestershire and Rutland to boost peoples mental wellbeing.

Raising Awareness

Mental Wellbeing Training

Based on the principles of the '5 Ways to Wellbeing' our short training sessions will help you to take simple steps to boost your own mental wellbeing and build the skills and confidence to connect with and help others in your community.

Building Confidence

Mood Boosting Sessions

A series of community-based mood boosting sessions held in the community alongside our Rural Coffee Connect barista van. Our interactive and accessible sessions include activities to help with relaxation, staying physically active, learning new skills, and building connections with others.