COVID-19 pandemic
Managing a community facility 

​We are providing information and support to people managing village halls and other community buildings through the pandemic. We also continue to work on behalf of the Leicestershire and Rutland PFA to advise on the management of playing fields and other outdoor facilities.


To support this work we've gathered together some information and resources that should help you to manage your facility appropriately during this time.


We're updating the information on this page as frequently as possible however things are changing rapidly as the situation continues to develop and availability of the services, information and resources may change.

Managing village halls and community buildings during Covid-19

ACRE Covid-19 - Briefing (February 2022)

This guidance is provided for village hall management committees. It is not a substitute for Government guidance or professional or legal advice

To view the Information Sheet please click here or the title above. Additional documents are available below.

Appendix C

Appendix E

Appendix F

Appendix G

We would encourage you to use our information sheet in conjunction with the official government guidance which can be found by clicking here.


Government Guidance - Protective measures for children in out of school settings

Official government guidance setting out protective measures for holiday or after school clubs and other out of school settings for children during the coronavirus outbreak including those in village halls and other community buildings


Information sheets and model documents for village halls and community buildings

Information sheets and model documents

RCC members have free access to all our village hall information sheets and model documents.

A list of available documents is available via the link above or by clicking here.

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Guidance for village halls and other charities on meetings, AGMs and reporting

Charity Commission

Guidance from the Charity Commission for village halls and other charities concerned about meetings, AGMS and reporting during the coronavirus outbreak.