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Good Neighbour Schemes

The RCC offers a range of support services to help communities set up and run good neighbour schemes including:


expert advice and practical support from the RCC team

step by step toolkit including easy to use templates & resources

access to a network of good neighbour schemes across England

what is a good neighbour scheme?

Good Neighbours Schemes are volunteer led initiatives set up and run by communities to support people in need within their local area.

Each scheme is managed by a small group of volunteer coordinators. Any member of the community in need of help can contact the scheme (usually via a single mobile phone number) and the coordinator on duty will identify and contact a volunteer suitably skilled and with the time to complete the required task(s).

giving & getting

Alongside our work with Good Neighbour Schemes, the RCC is working in partnership with Giving & Getting, a free to use website that connects friends and neighbours making it easier to ask for and receive help, support and favours.

A token system is used so no money is involved. The system allocates tokens fairly for each activity a member completes, taking account of time, effort, expertise and cost. Tokens are moved automatically between members depending on support they provide or receive through the website.