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Projects and services to improve the lives of people living in rural Leicestershire and Rutland by benefiting their physical and social wellbeing and increasing their economic prosperity.


Support for people living in rural Leicestershire to help them overcome barriers to accessing employment or training

Good Neighbours

Help to develop community based projects and services to support people that are isolated or in need.

Suicide Awareness

Training, workshop sessions and talks to raise awareness of suicide and self harm


Projects and services to help ensure rural communities across Leicestershire and Rutland are well planned, develop in line with the needs and priorities of local people and have good places to meet, do business, socialise and undertake recreational activity.

Neighbourhood Planning

Advice and practical support to help with the initiation, development and delivery of Neighbourhood Plans.

Playing Fields

Advice and support for people responsible for managing playing fields and other recreation facilities

Community Buildings

Advice, support and resources for people with the responsibility for running village halls and other community buildings

Community Bus Partnerships

Support for people working together with local authorities and bus companies to increase the use and viability of rural bus services


Activity to raise the profile of our charity increase awareness of the issues we work to tackle across rural Leicestershire and Rutland.

Rural Achievement Awards

Celebrating the achievements of people and organisations in rural communities across Leicestershire & Rutland.

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