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research & evidence gathering

the rcc team offer a range of services to assist with research and evidence gathering activity including:

Help to identify and collate all existing documentary evidence relevant to your project

collation and presentation of a core evidence base to back up and reinforce your project including your overall aims and objectives

provision of comprehensive and easy to use Parish and Settlement Data Profiles compiled by ACRE & OCSI.

a bit more about research and evidence gathering...

Simply guessing that a project is needed is not enough.  You may have local insight but this won't convince funders or other relevant parties to support or help to progress your proposals.  The need for the project has to be well researched and evidenced and there are a number of ways that this can be done.


  • gathering all existing documentation, reports, along with proven data and statistics relevant to you project will back up your proposals and provide valuable evidence the need.
  • undertaking pre-project consultation and engagement will demonstrate that you have involved others and that their needs and priorities are included in your project research.