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consultation & engagement

the rcc has over 2 decades experience in supporting consultation and engagement activity and offer a wide range of professional services including:


advice and support from our team of skilled and experienced Community Consultation and Engagement Practitioners.


help with planning, implementing, and maximising the impact of all communications and marketing


expert assistance with designing, developing, and undertaking surveys & questionnaires.


planning and impartially facilitation of consultation events, workshops, and focus groups.


providing presentations, independent facilitation, and expert input at public meetings & events.


professional consultation & engagement tools, online survey software, step by step toolkits, document templates, & best practice guidance.

A bit more about consultation & engagement...

Consultation and engagement is a highly valuable process through which the collective voice of communities, customers, service users, or project beneficiaries can be heard. Good consultation & engagement will inform, guide and ensure the success of any project or activity. It will also enable project leaders to determine, evidence, and document key issues, needs and/or priorities, and will assist them in the effective planning and delivery of the project.

To get the best out of any consultation & engagement work it is important to ensure that people are well informed, are clear how and why you are engaging with them, and most importantly that they understand the aims and objectives of the activity.

There is a considerable range of consultation & engagement methods that can be employed. When deciding which method(s) to use, it is important to consider: the kind of information that needs to be disseminated and/or collected; the size and type of the area or group to be consulted; the time, money and resources available.