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Our Expertise

Skills, knowledge and experience built up over the last 93 years

Public Consultation...

Our team includes individuals skilled and experienced at a wide variety of public consultation techniques and we are available to help you with:


Designing, developing and undertaking Surveys and Questionnaires

Planning, organising, and facilitating Consultation Events, Workshops and Focus Group Sessions.

Consulting on formal documents including Organisational Strategies, Action Plans, and Neighbourhood Plans.

Communication & Public Engagement...

We have a wealth of professional expertise in effective methods of communication and public engagement suitable for community led projects and initiatives and can support you with:


Informing people about your project and  designing simple, clear, and engaging promotional material.

Presenting information and providing expert input at public meetings and events.

Effectively communicating online through your own website, third party websites, and/or social media.

Planning and undertaking wider communication and marketing activity to engage and involve people in your project.