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Entry deadline 30.4.2019









Best Community Facility

An award to recognise a community facility that brings outstanding benefits to the local community and encourages broad ranging use by local people and groups through innovative and creative thinking.


We are looking for entries related to any type of community facility (for example a village hall, community centre or playing field), as long as it is based within Leicestershire and Rutland. If you are involved with a community facility we would like to hear whatever you think is great about your facility, however a few examples of things we are interested in include:


  • Innovative and forward thinking approaches to facility management

  • Exciting ways to deliver or accommodate local activities and services

  • Innovative approaches to encouraging wider use and attracting new users

  • The development of new or improved facilities or equipment

Community Engagement Award

An award for excellent approaches to community engagement that raise awareness of rural issues, bring people together or create an opportunity for people to help influence change in their community.


We are happy to receive entries from charities, parish councils or community groups within Leicestershire and Rutland. We want to hear what you think is great about your project including activities such as:

  • Involving the community in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan or other community consultation project

  • Exciting ways to raise awareness of local issues or engage people in improving services or facilities in rural areas

  • Activities & events that bring people together to take positive action in their local community

  • Creative and inclusive methods of community consultation

Unsung Hero

An award for someone that has made a significant contribution to their community or that goes the extra mile to help and support others.


Any individual can be nominated as an unsung hero as long as they are aged 16 or over and live within Leicestershire and Rutland. Some examples of the type of people would love to hear about are:


  • Someone that regularly gives up their time to help and support people in need

  • An individual that has raised money for the benefit of your community, a charity or to help people in need

  • Someone that has championed or led positive action to improve your area

  • A person that organises or helps to run local projects, services, clubs or events

Rural Service Award

An award for an outstanding service provided within a rural community. This might be a Good Neighbour Scheme, provision for young people, a community transport service or a local activity, group or club.


Whether you manage, run or simply benefit from a rural service in Leicestershire or Rutland we would like to hear from you. An idea of activities we are particularly interested in include:


  • The launch of a new or improvement of an existing service

  • Innovative and forward thinking approaches to service delivery

  • Entrepreneurial approaches to financing service delivery

  • Creative activity to attract new users, staff or volunteers from the local community

Rural Business Award

An award to recognise an outstanding business based in a rural location or specifically serving rural communities in Leicestershire or Rutland.


If you run or work for a business we would like to hear what you think is great about your company. If you know of a great business you can also nominate them for this award. We are interested in:


  • Companies that actively look to employ local people

  • Businesses that contribute back into their local community

  • Organisations that positively contribute to the rural economy for example by using local suppliers

  • Companies that help improve peoples skills and employability

Best Community Library

An award for a community run library that has improved as a facility or generated a positive impact on the community via the services and resources it provides.


Any community library can enter as long as it is based within Leicestershire or Rutland. We want to hear
whatever you think is great about your library for example:


  • The creation of a new community library

  • The expansion or improvement of an existing community library

  • Innovative and forward thinking approaches to management

  • Exciting and creative ways to deliver local services

  • Approaches to encouraging wider reach and attracting new users